Course curriculum

    1. Stance and Range

    2. Pulling vs Framing a Collar Grip

    3. Pivoting Point

    4. Front Door vs Back Door

    1. Front Door Toreando, Beating the Frame

    2. Front Door Toreando vs Posting Arm

    3. Front Door Toreando vs the Frame

    4. Front Door Toreando to Knee Slice

    5. Front Door Toreando to Folding Pass

    6. Front Door Toreando to Back Door Pass

    7. Front Door Toreando to Forklift Pass

    8. Forklift Pass to Back Door

    1. Back Door Pass to Back

    2. Back Door Pass to Side Control

    3. Back Door Pass vs Posting Arm

    4. Back Door Pass vs the Frame

    5. Back Door Pass vs Strong Knee Line

    6. Back Door Pass to Leg Drag

    7. Back Door Pass vs Leg Block

    1. Passing vs Angled Seated Guard

    1. Hand Fighting and Set Ups vs Overextended Arms

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  • 23 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

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